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May 12, 2022

Amenze Jesuorobo

Head of Product Behavioural Engagement Research and Development at Lil Requester.

Special Needs Communication Made Fun Through Lil Requester, One Download at a Time

Lil Requester is a mobile app founded by parents for parents and created to help kids and adults with socio-communication challenges express themselves and their needs effectively.

Lil Requester is also an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) App. AAC is a term used to describe a range of different communication methods, tools, systems and strategies, used to help individuals that may have trouble with speech or language.

Communication is key and important for everyone, especially children. It’s important that people can express what they need or want and that they are given the right and access to that opportunity.

For individuals with special needs, such as people with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, childhood apraxia of speech and more, speech and language development might be a bit different. As they develop, there may be some social, behavioural and communication challenges.

When people are unable to express themselves or their needs, it robs them of the ability to make decisions or choices which may result in frustration, tantrums, isolation and more. It can also affect their quality of life.

Lil Requester provides individuals with special needs the means and ways to communicate what they want in an accessible, fun and easy method; and reinforces communication through the use of multiple visuals and audio cues.

Lil Requester offers opportunities to make requests through identifying and vocalising familiar people, places and activities, teaching them to value the power of language. Lil Requester also provides options to customise people, places, activities and more and tailor them to individual preferences.

The goal is to strengthen the users’ confidence, help them request independently and let them express themselves as comfortably as possible. This is also a powerful way to reinforce their comprehension.

Most children, for instance, spend a good amount of time in the requesting stage, and Lil Requester helps develop their ability to gradually request independently through demonstration, imitation and repetition.

Lil Requester is very user-friendly. A free version of the app is available for download at the App Store. The app can be downloaded on any iOS mobile or tablet device.

You can enjoy even more of the Lil Requester’s awesome features by upgrading your subscription to the paid version at any time.

Try out Lil Requester and join in on the fun!

Amenze Jesuorobo is Head of Product Behavioural Engagement Research and Development at Lil Requester. Amenze has a degree in Psychology from York University, Toronto, Canada and a Diploma in Behavioural Sciences from Seneca College, King City, Canada.