Lil Requester


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The importance of communication cannot be overemphasized and every child has a right to communicate their needs. However, communication requires an avenue to express oneself. When kids do not have a consistent means to express their wants and needs, make decisions, or communicate choices, it may result in frustration, tantrums and even isolation. Overall, these communication difficulties can negatively affect their quality of life.
For many children, one of the first stages of communication is requesting. Requesting favorite toys, food, and activities is highly motivating. The Lil Requester app helps develop a child’s ability to gradually request more independently, strengthening their use of language through imitation and repetition.
Lil Requester is an AAC app that provides users with customizable pages of symbols that upon touching will speak the word, telling others what they want. Get started today! Customize the activities, people and places to your child’s needs, wants and likes. Reduce your child’s frustration and take the guesswork out of knowing what he or she wants. Open the door to clear communication for your child with Lil Requester.