Lil Requester


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For Professionals

Lil Requester can be used by Speech-Language Pathologists, Teachers, Early Interventionists, ABA Therapists, and other professionals who are a part of a child’s intervention team to:
  • Improve communication skills in children with a variety of diagnoses.
  • Reduce frustration and improve cooperation/participation by providing a means to communicate
  • Facilitate communication in children with early language delays.
  • Increase home practice and generalization of skills to the home environment.
  • Introduce AAC and assess an individual’s potential for a long-term use of a Speech Generating Device.
  • “Bridge the gap” during a potentially long wait to obtain a dedicated personal AAC device through insurance.
  • Build literacy skills
  • Improve receptive language skills
  • Track data for goal reporting
  • Target a variety of developmental skills, from turn taking to understanding cause and effect.
  • Improve consistency of care and communication by sharing child profiles and data securely with other professionals on a child’s team.
  • Manage customized accounts for multiple children